Write an Attractive Blog Introduction for your Audience

“Blogs are very important. They help us reach to a number of people. They are a great source of connections. By writing effective blogs we can make people get influenced by a number of topics. Also, they help us to be updated with the latest happenings in the world.”

How do you like the introduction of this blog? It is not something that most of you must be expecting or some of you might have found it stupid. Or were you amongst those who laughed on my writing? Well, it’s not your fault, I agree that the writing was not very good and attractive. But all I wanted to was to drag your attention on how important an blog introduction can be.

Writing an Attractive Blog Introduction

Have you been struggling to keep your users engaged to your work? Have you been consistent in delivering some fresh contents to the audience but the engaged percentage is not satisfactory? Well, this can be because you somewhere lack to present your article with a strong beginning which in return fails to impress your readers.


Introduction plays a very important role in making the image of the blog in the reader’s eyes. If your blog introduction is captivating, it can result in high engagement percentage for your blog whereas the opposite can result in a high bounce rate. You must pay complete focus on what you are presenting in the introduction so as the readers can relate to what you want to say.

Now when it has been evident how important an blog introduction is to your blog you require certain tips that can help you with writing an effective and engaging one. Let’s see:

1. The First Sentence

It has always been observed that if the first sentence of the blog is capable of keeping the readers stick with it, then the chances that the readers will be interested to read further else they will lose interest. You can start with asking a question, by creating a story or by using a quote that relates to your blog and yet can attract the reader’s attention.

2. Provide Reasons

Whenever anyone is taking out their time to invest in what you have presented to them then make sure you give them strong reasons to do so. Be informative with your data so that the readers find that they have invested their time in something worthy.

3. Comparisons

Everyone wants to know more. You have everything that they would love to know, right? Tell your readers what you want them to know by being relevant to the topic and descriptive with the blog introduction.

Must compare yourself with competitors and tell them how and why you’re better. In addition you can use smilies, metaphores and camparisons.

4. Interactive Content

Present your content in such a manner that it appears to be interactive with the readers. Your readers may find it that your article is what they need to solve their problem or just to have a discussion on what they always wanted to know or anything that interests them. An interactive content has higher chances to win more readers.

A few blog niches can be start with a controversial content. It can bring more audience.

5. Story Telling

Remember the time when we all use to be so excited to hear a story at night. This formula still works. Try and present the content of your blog in a storytelling manner that can hook up the users and can keep them engaged.

6. Keep It Short

Introductions are just to give your readers an idea of what you want to tell them. Therefore, it should not be very large that the readers get bored by reading it but it should be small and simple that interests the users and still cover all the essentialities of the blog.

7. Use Exact Words

Say clearly what you want to let your readers know. Don’t keep them wondering what the content is all about, rather be exact with your words and thoughts so that the readers can connect with your thought process.

8. Uniqueness

There happens to be the case where everyone follows the same old topic that is trending. As a result, people get bored by the repetitive talks on the same old topic. To stand out of this, select a topic that is unique and has some interesting facts to be told. This will help to keep the interest of your readers in what you serve.

9. Solve A Problem

We all have some problems. Don’t we? And we all want someone who can help us with them. Use this chance and offer your readers with a solution that they are looking for. A helping hand is always remembered.

10. Predict

Try to predict something with your content. Let your readers know your take on the matter which is being talked about. Use words like, “I think”, which will make your readers engaged in what’s your call on the concerned issue. And what can be better if your words and thoughts can relate to what your users think?

An effective blog introduction can help you get an engaged audience and it feels keep people wanting more out of you whereas a weak introduction can let your image drop within seconds. Also, your readers will no longer expect anything new from your blogs and eventually you will lose your valuable database.

An easy way to make your introduction impactful is by putting yourself in your reader’s place and then analyzing the work. See if you can relate to what you are about to present. Let us know how this article helped you to write better introductions in the comment section.