How to Get a Blog Headline that Catches Attention?

We all have a habit of running quickly over the things to just get an idea of what is going around us. After all who has that much of time to get into so many details by reading the entire body? That why most of us prefer to just give the blog headline a look.

All the experienced writers will agree to the point that half the battle of keeping the users engaged is won if you can get their attention with a catchy heading of your blog. As we all heard, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but here my dear friends your readers will judge you by what you have got on your cover.

It has been analyzed that majority of the people just read the blog headline and then get to read the entire article if they find the heading of their interest else that article just gets dropped. We are sure you would certainly not want that to happen to you as well.


Writing Catchy Blog Headline

You have all your articles well documented and informative but yet fails to get enough users to read it. Have you ever thought what possibly can be the reasons behind it? Is it anything to do with your blog’s heading? Maybe your readers can not get hooked up to the entire article because your heading is not good enough and hence it doesn’t give enough interest to your readers to get more of it.

We often fail to put a focus on this important aspect of writing blogs and keep searching for the solution here and there. We suggest you to carefully analyze your headings the next time you write a blog. Focus and invest maximum time to write better headlines that can instantly grab the reader’s attention. Even the most innovative and informative articles fail to impress the readers because they have a week headline.

Now, you must be thinking how you can write a blog headline that easily catches the attention. Here are some of the ways that can help you out to understand the basics and help you with many possible ways with which you can write amazing headlines for your blog. Let’s have a look.

Solve a Problem

Present your headings in such a way that the readers find it as if it is solving some of their problems rather than telling them something. Users will definitely love to read it out if it targets any of their problem-solving areas. Make it helpful.

Use New Ideas

Always remember to use new ideas. No one likes if they are served anything old or monotonous. Same is the case with the readers. If you present them with the same boring ideas you will sooner or later start losing them. Thus, it is important to come up with new ideas every time so that the users feel engaged.

Look for References

We all need references at some time or the other. Whenever you feel stuck somewhere or are not able to get any innovative heading you can use it to get an idea and motivation. And of course, referring to a swipe file is not cheating.

Numbers to the Rescue

It has been seen that human mind respond more quickly to numbers. Use this trick and include numbers in your headings so that it can attract many users to it. An added help for you could be that it is believed that odd numbers play better than the even ones.

Use Positive Words

It is so refreshing if you feel positive about life and the others things. You are always charged up to deliver more when you feel positive. Right? Even your users can sense that positivity when given. Use more positive words in your blog and see the difference in the number of people liking your blog.

Get Favors from the Negative Words

Using negative words like Never, Don’t Stop, Avoid, etc. seems to be a good idea when used in the headings. This kind of words target the emotion of fear in humans and they tend to get hooked up with the content to satisfy their curiosity about the matter.

Make Use of Tools

God bless that person who came up with the idea to develop such tools that can help us with generating some of the best headlines. Use the various tools available like “Pr Headline Generator” to come up with a unique and interesting heading every time.

Now that you are clear with the ideas of how you can generate catchy headings for your blogs, it is time you start using it. Headings are the first thing that the users see on your blog. Make sure you give them with a best striking one. Along with the heading also put your focus on the content that you will be delivering to your readers.

Do you have any other suggestions that can be used to make blog headline even more attractive? Share with us in the comment section and the users know it.