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Elance was a great website for the freelancers. Now it is merged with Odesk to make Upwork. Unfortunately, it does not involve quality like Elance. Lots of troubles are there in this platform. Moreover this, its fee has enhanced from 10% to 20% so people are quitting this.

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Get Paid for Writing Assignments

Freelance writers are confused and they do not know where to search for the assignments. Freelancers are passing by a tough time but still, it is possible to get some writing assignments. Let us discuss some helpful way to obtain freelances writing assignments:

1. Job Board for ProBlogger

Clients are charged by ProBlogger for posting a job on the board. The clients who offer posts here hire someone to perform this. Usually, Upwork clients post jobs on this platform. High-quality writings are required by the ProBlogger clients so they need dedicated writers. It is possible to earn lots of money from this. The job exists there for 6 months so it is important to write daily for a number of months.


2. Fiverr Platform for Freelancers

It is a job board that lets freelancers open their gigs. They can be hired by the clients as par the offered services. All the gigs provide with a minimum cost. If you want to write content for more than this, it is suggested to buy a number of gigs for one content.

In the case of Elance, jobs are posted by clients and freelancers look into these. Fiverr is a different kind of platform. It is recommended to explore some whacky gigs and check if you can perform this.


3. Use of Craigslist Platform

Craigslist is a good platform to earn money. It is possible to get a higher amount of money for writing contents on this platform. Some clients are working fine on this for the freelancers. You may try this to get some writing assignments. Most people on this speak with you via telephone so if you do not like this, it is suggested to look another one.


4. Use Your Own Ads on Reddit

Reddit is one of the interactive communities. Hiring and For Hire, threads are included in this so you may join those. Many people have posted their own ads on this platform and they have obtained replies from their clients. If you have something exceptional to offer, it is possible to offer your services over there.

It is suggested to create a field that can fetch customers. Their replies will come to you via personal messages or PM. Posting your services repeatedly can cause spamming the threads.


Make money with guest posts

5. Perform Guest Post on Blogs

It is an amazing method to make more money. You can use such blogs that pay a higher amount for the blog posts. They will pay you money for every consequent article. If your posts become flourishing, you will get more money. For this, it is important to send them an amazing proposal for the contents.

If this will be liked by them, they will accept it. You may search for brilliant ideas to write proposals on the Internet. Guest posting is accepted by some other blogs and they make payment for this. It is crucial to send the appropriate proposal.

6. Well-known Crowd Content

Renowned Crowd Content is there to pay the writers with money. A Higher hourly rate is paid by them to the writers. They require 10 short descriptions to be written within one hour. If someone needs bulk work, he/she may use this option.

It is important to go through the rules and also make a sample. This will help you to be selected. Once your sample gets approved, you will be hired by them as a writer. Afterward, you are allowed to write articles for them. These articles will be posted by them on several sources. By searching on the Internet, it is possible to get a list of Content Mills.


7. Constant-Content Marketplace for Articles

It is one of the finest marketplaces for freelance writers for making money on the Internet. Since it is an outstanding platform, writers can claim a top amount of money to write articles. The editorial process of Constant-Content is very strict whereas vast demand and high-quality content have made this one of the premium marketplaces.


8. ContentMart for Brilliant Writing Jobs

ContentMart is one of the reputed websites to search for jobs or outsource the writing assignments. Registration on the site is required to see the details and performing bidding on the jobs. It is a well-known website to connect the clients with people who want to make money online.

Link: Learn more about ContentMart

Few More Writer Mills

  • Freelancer
  • TextBroker
  • DemandMedia
  • iWriter
  • CopyPress

Freelancers, who made the income from Elance, may encounter troubles now. It is recommended to read a number of high-quality blogs for enhancing your performance. One of the great alternatives may include reading books. Many people read bloggers and e-books on the Internet to enhance their skills of writing.