Writing Tips to Express More with Fewer Words

As a blogger, you are expected to write as much as you can to keep your users entertained with the quality of words. It is up to you to choose how you want to make your impression on your readers. You may establish yourself as a writer who writes many words and offers a detailed work to the readers or on the other hand you can choose to write less yet be more informative.

We are sure you also prefer when you are given an article full of information but is less to read. Then why not deliver the same to your readers as well? Many content writers are now trying to be creative in presenting their work in few words while making it informative at the same time.

Smart writing tips

Writing tips to present your article in a few words

With the advancement in technology, people have also become modern in their approach. Now they no longer get interested in anything unless it is unique in its own kind. Therefore, the writers are also trying their hands with something new every time. Even the readers are becoming less patient to invest their time in reading a long article.

With time it has become very important to make the content shorter while maintaining the quality of it. Here are some of the writing tips that you must consider when compressing the articles.

1. How can you reduce the length?

To reduce the word limit you must take care of the fact that all the unnecessary words should be removed from the context. There’s no point in extending the word limit just by adding unnecessary words.

2. How much should you compress?

You should not compromise the quality of your content while compressing the word limit. The important thing to consider is the word limit that will be sufficient to present to the readers. There is no fixed word limit that is set you must only focus on covering all the content. Just in case, 500-1000 words are more than enough for presenting the content.

3. What are the exceptions?

The only exception that is associated with the shortening of the word is that you must not reduce the word while compromising the quality.

How can you reduce the content?

While talking about reducing the content, you should not abruptly reduce the number but should do it with proper planning and know exactly what and where to reduce. There are certain points that you must put in consideration when reducing the word limit.

Content Writing Tips

1. Have a plan

Make a plan on how you will be reducing the content. Doesn’t just start by cutting anything but create a plan in the starting and then stick to the plan when cutting through the context.

2. Avoid meaningless sentences

Don’t keep adding meaningless sentences just to add to the length of the article. You should avoid all the meaningless sentences from the content so to keep it related to the facts.

3. Useless linking or connecting words

We know it is an easy way to add connecting words to the text and make it appear longer. But, this is not a good idea to do this. The readers will lose interest immediately from your writing when they get any content like this. Use a limited number of connecting or linking words.

4. Keep the sentences short

Reduce the sentences into abstract form and convert the complex sentences into simpler ones so as to make it easier for the users to understand and relate to the writing.

5. Read the text in the backward direction

This is an effective technique to find the mistakes in the writing and finding out where you are going wrong. You can also find out the phrases that you have added just for the sake of it.

6. Approve from a non-native speaker

Before publishing your content you must make it get approved from a non-native speaker. They can be a non-partial judge for your writing. Let them judge your content for interest and clarity. If they are happy with it, you are all set to go.

Attract a number of users by serving them quality and useful content by following these writing tips. Your readers will love when taken care of them as well.

Share with us your favorite and tested tips that you find beneficial in compressing the text. Let us know if our shared tips and this article was of any help.