Media.Net Approval within a Week. Smart and Legal Way.

Media.Net is one of the finest AdSense alternatives for bloggers. You may be banned from AdSense or your website may not be approved on it. You do not need to get worried since is the best AdSense alternative for the bloggers. It is a kind of network meant for advertising. The network has improved management and CPC compared to others.

Purpose of Media.Net

Innovative products are developed by both advertisers and publishers. includes a complete range of traffic and advertising solutions for monetization. It involves one of the most widespread and portfolios.

An Overview of the Company

It is one of the 5 biggest ad tech enterprises in the world. Lots of employees are working in this organization around the world. When it comes to revenue part, it is the second biggest contextual ad enterprise worldwide.

Why Select the Organization

It is the 2nd biggest ad server worldwide. If you encounter any problem regarding AdSense approval, it is the finest way. In this, you will obtain a 90% revenue share. Maximum ads are available in Yahoo and Bing and it is possible to enhance your income in an easy way.

Media.Net Approval in Simple Steps

It is important to know the policies, and terms of services which are effective to get approval. By following these terms properly, you can get one step ahead of others. Generally, nobody bothers about these things so it becomes difficult for them to get approval. Let us have a look at the guidelines and terms:

1. Proper Website Content

Your website content should not include a few things. These are hacking, torrent, violence, tobacco, hazardous substances, cracking, gambling etc.

2. Enough Number of Traffic

You require getting the majority of traffic from UK, USA or Canada. Mainly UK and USA based ads are provided over there so your website should get enough traffic from those countries. Your website should be used by visitors.

If you share any illegal content on your website, your account will be banned. On the other hand, you cannot utilize your website as an online platform for chatting on and forum. Any content with the invalid activity of clicking and paying visitors by browsing websites, clicking on ads and reading email should not be there.

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3. Behavior of User

Once, your application is approved by, it becomes your responsibility to maintain your ads. Any incentive or compensation cannot be provided by the publishers to click or view the ads. When it comes to ads on the site, it is recommended to prevent using alternative phrase or text. Texts like “Click Here/ This” can encourage users to click on.

Users may not use any means to increase the impressions or make clicks unnaturally. By clicking on ads, your website can be banned permanently. It is not permitted to include any incentive program to get more traffic to your site. Paid-to-surf, spam email marketing, chick-exchange programs, auto surf are not also permitted.

Important Things for Media.Net Approval

Let us discuss some important things to get accepted into

1. English Language of the Blog

If English is not your primary language, the application will be rejected. Websites primarily in English are accepted by the ad network of Yahoo and Bing. If you are using dual languages like English and other languages on your website, it is recommended to apply for the approval.

First few pages of the blog should only include the English language. After getting the approval, it is suggested to inform your account manager about the aspects of dual language in your page. It is important to keep ads only on the pages that contain the English language.

2. Unique and Updated Content

When it comes to applying for approval, your blog should be updated regularly. This is one of the major criteria since the active blogs are accepted by them. You may have a good quality blog that is not updated by you. It is suggested to recycle the old content to satisfy the needs.

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3. First Impression Works

Let us discuss some important things to make the first impression:

Include pages like contact, about and privacy policy. The design should be tidy and easy. It is not suggested to use lots of ads. While submitting your application, the ads should not be shown for a few days. This information is very common for the new bloggers since they are least bothered about this. Remove any type of unwanted widgets like live traffic or any kind of fancy elements that do not provide any value to your content.

4. Other Things

Besides above, your blog should not indulge in some activities. These are free hosted pages, software piracy, parked pages, under construction or pages without content. It is important to aware of those sites that have hidden text or links. Manipulative or Deceptive content for enhancing the ranking on search engines is not also permitted. Your site should not redirect traffic to another one.