6 Best Image Compressor and Optimizer Tools

With the advancement in technology, people’s outlook on the world has changed. Now they are more advanced in connecting with people, sharing their thoughts, speaking their minds, or choosing the best for them.

With an increase in the number of people in the blogging career, this industry is experiencing a whole new world of trends. With its beginning, you never assumed that blogging would gain so much popularity among the people, but as time passed, it made its place among the other’s top favorites.

Earlier, people consider blogging in the written form that gives information to the people. So, it was not expected to be entertaining or use any images or videos to engage people. But, seeing the people’s interest, blogging has gone through many changes. Now, bloggers use a friendly tone and use images and videos on the blog.

Also, images and videos have shown an unexpected increase in the amount of traffic generated and in the engagement percentage. Therefore, bloggers believe that blogs with photos perform better than those without them.

But, many times, there comes a situation when you are trying to use an image on the blog post, but you cannot use it because of its size. Some images fall short of size, while some are really big to upload. Therefore, it becomes necessary to compress and optimize them to use. See the following list of best image compression software tools that you can use to compress and optimize the images.

The best image compressor and optimizer tools

6 Best Image Compressor and Optimizer Tools

Are you finding one of the best image optimization tools? Let’s find the best way to compress images for your blog and website.


We generally prefer using this free online image compressor tool because it makes compressing the images a lot of fun. You can see the reduction in the size of the image after compressing it down. It supports four formats of images:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • SVG


If you want to compress many images simultaneously, this image optimizer online tool can work wonders for you. Simply select the pictures and use the drag and drop option to open images in the tool, and then you are all set to compress them. In addition, you can store the compressed images together under the zip folder. This service supports all the basic formats of the pictures.


GiftOfSpeed’s website has a vast collection of various tools that you can use to make your website attractive and optimized. Moreover, you can use any of its tools easily.

One such online image compression tool is PNG Compressor, which, other than compressing the images, also lets you know if the images used on your blogs are optimized or not. And, if not, they also suggest the possible ways in which you can do the optimization.


This best image optimizer service is one of the oldest image compressing websites available. Its popularity is that it allows you to use WordPress Plugins to automate the process of compression rather than doing it manually. Users can compress and optimize JPEG and PNG images.

The free account on the websites lets you compress around 100 images per month.


This image compression tool lets you work in bulk. You can upload and compress 20 images at a time. The most significant advantage that it offers is letting us control the quality of the image to the desired level that you want. You can easily compare the two pictures before and after the compression to see the changes and maintain quality. JPEG and PNG are the supported formats for the sites.


As the name proposes, this is another fantastic image compressor tool that we can use. It allows the users to use the 14-day trial version to get to know all its features. It also gives an advantage to the developers to use its API for developing their best image optimizer tool. They have plugins for WordPress, Magento extension, Joomla extension, etc.


With these compressing and optimizing tools, you can compress image without losing quality. It is up to you to decide which best image compressor you want to use and how you can get the best results.