How to Manage A Blog and Your Day Job Together?

Do you believe you have multitasking skills? Can you manage to do more than one task at a particular time? If you always want to get something extra and always look for different ways to make it possible, this article is for you.

Nowadays, running a blog to make money online is popular among all age groups. As a result, people are doing their day job and part-time blogging. But managing both at the same time is a tedious job. So here, learn to manage your blog without quitting your job.

There are many cases where people have to quit their dreams and passion for meeting their daily requirements for earning a stable income. To do so, they have to choose the traditional ways of picking a regular 9-6 job and do it without any interest in it.

Ways to Manage A Blog While Working Full-time

We don’t like it when our readers post any such incident about giving up on their dreams. To reduce this, we are sharing this article, where you can find ways to manage a blog and your day job effectively. However, we will recommend only focusing on blogging if you have the will.

How to manage a blog while working full-time

It can be a difficult decision for those earning from day jobs more than blogging income.

These are some of the ways that can help you manage both ends efficiently:

1. Experiment

Before you come up with a fixed plan and schedule of set working hours, you will have to keep on experimenting with things. Trying and experimenting once or twice with adjusting several working hours and schedules they both need will help you find out the best solution that you can try.

The same thing happens with blogging. You’ll have to give time and effort. Making money with a blog is not a dream, but earning money is a difficult task during the learning period. It is because of the hit and trial approach. You must learn to blog from trusted sources and implement your learning in your blog.

You must educate yourself about blogging in your free time to get desired results to put more time into blogging. There are numerous blogging tools you must use hands-on.

2. Manage your time

When you manage more work in less time, you must manage your time like an expert. “If you fail to plan today, you plan to fail tomorrow.” Remember this, and divide your time according to the efforts that you have to put in.

You must give enough time to blog like other daily activities. It is very, very important for your blogging success.

3. Scheduling

Don’t try and do everything immediately, as doing something urgent will make you commit mistakes. Instead, plan a proper scheduling agenda and work according to that. Then, schedule most of the work to manage more important ones.

The scheduling blog post is one of the great options. It ensures a blog post publish at the right time when you do other things.

Similarly, you can schedule other blog-related activities with a to-do list app. And try to complete all the tasks on time.

4. Be focused and organized

Develop the qualities of being focused and organized to manage both the work. Please focus on the work that needs your attention and organize them properly to make time for the other tasks.

A to-do list helps to be focused and organized. After completing a task, mark it as done. But don’t forget to make a priority list.

There are many apps to make a to-do list and make work simple.

5. Stay motivated

You will feel exhausted and think of quitting one for some peace at times. In those situations, motivate yourself by reminding yourself why you are doing this. Remind yourself of your duties and responsibilities and your passion for blogging. Then, look for other ways that can motivate you.

6. Be confident

You will never be able to deliver your best if you continuously underestimate yourself for not managing multiple things. Develop confidence in yourself to manage all the tasks you have started effectively.

Making money online topics seem very simple, but practical is quite difficult. But never give up and keep motivating yourself.

7. Make a team

When you don’t find any other option to survive, think about making the team. The more people, the easier work becomes. In addition, you will have different individuals managing different responsibilities, which will ease your work.

Running a blog with a team brings many people, ideas, and more time to dedicate.

You can hire expert writers and social media managers. However, it is wise for a blogger to do time-taking tasks done in minimum time.


Obviously, there will be many hard times when things will not happen, but if you make up your mind and are ready to challenge yourself, we are here to help. Comment below any other issues that you are facing while managing multiple things. We will surely come up with a solution.